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New Logo and Marketing Campaign for Philadelphia Marketplace Food & Shops


The Philadelphia Marketplace Food & Shops at Philadelphia International Airport (PHL) offers more than 160 stores and eateries. Hornercom worked with the Food & Shops team to redesign its logo and marketing campaign to reflect its world-class offerings and provide support for continued development at the airport. 


Hornercom’s designers began by coming up with a new logo that would clearly convey shopping and dining at the airport. The new logo lends itself to a varied palette and myriad colors. The resulting campaign mirrored the three blocks of the logo, showing signature products and services for merchants at PHL. Together, these elements deliver a high-end look and feel, reminding passengers that they have access to a diverse retail environment inside the airport.


The new design was debuted and met with excitement from merchants at Philadelphia Marketplace’s annual Merchant of the Year event. The campaign was a hit with passengers, merchants and airport officials alike. It delivered an energetic and engaging palette that was featured on various mediums, including construction barricades, directories, advertisements, signage and more. 

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